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The future of Smart Cities begins with us…

Whether it's automation of healthcare services, advanced security infrastructure, or self-driving cars, we are witnessing the evolution of cities as we know them. In this period of rapid growth, it’s all about taking advantage of the intelligent technology available, and steering it toward the needs of everyday citizens. Smart Cities were once an idealistic concept, but now more financial muscle and technical ability is being added to make them a reality.

Join us to make the world a better place…

Smart Cities World Forums (SCWF) is a media platform providing news, interviews and a weekly newsletter. You can follow our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook. SCWF tracks smart city activity around the world; from examining the latest trends in the use of technologies to implement sustainable urban planning, to coverage of global smart city conferences, and in-depth encounters with government leaders and technology experts. Through this portal, you will witness the rapid evolution of smart cities around the world, and gather useful tips from the experts making it all happen.