• Apple announce plans to develop self-driving cars

    Apple has confirmed its ambitions to develop self-driving vehicles. There has been widespread speculation in relation to Apple's ambitions in the sector of autonomous vehicles over the last number of years, but it has now been officially revealed.

  • Apple CEO confirms its focusing on developing technology for driverless vehicles

    Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the technology colossus is now focusing on the development of autonomous systems as they join the global race to develop the technology for driverless cars. In an interview with Bloomberg, Cook described the challenge of building autonomous vehicles as 'the mother of all' artificial intelligence projects.

  • Apple delays iOS 14 launch due to new privacy feature

    Apple has announced the delay of the implementation of its new anti-tracking feature, designed to ensure that apps and websites don’t track users without their consent.

  • Apple faces dilemma as cash holdings surpass entire economic output of Chile

    US tech giants Apple are the victims of its own incredible success, following a quarterly report which indicated its cash holdings, the vast majority of which is held overseas has surpassed the entire economic  out-put of Chile. Apple's stockpile of cash has reached a staggering $256.8 billion, and has sparked debate over what the technology leaders should do with such massive cash reserves.

  • Apple faces stiff competition from Amazon in ‘smart home’ race

    Apple's strategy in the 'smart home' race is being threatened by the continued success of Amazon. In less than twelve months, Amazon has developed the hugely successful Echo speaker system and the Alexa voice-controlled digital assistant. That has ensured Amazon as a major player in the battle for primacy in the connected household sector.

  • Apple halts its self-driving car project laying off dozens of employees

    Apple is reportedly easing its self-driving car project as it plans to map a new route. The New York Times recently reported that the company has closed parts of the project, which it never publicly confirmed, and laid off dozens of employees as part of a "reboot" plan.

  • Apple joins tech industry alliance aimed at establishing best practices for AI

    Apple has joined a technology industry alliance which aims to establish the best practices for the opportunities and challenges faced within the field of AI. Apple joins Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM and Google-owned British AI firm DeepMind who last year established the non-profit organization which they called 'Partnership on AI'.

  • Apple’s plan to build data center in European city fails

    US tech giant Apple announced it had shelved plans to build an 850-million-euro ($1.0-billion) data center in Ireland over a court battle with conservationists who were seeking to preserve a forest.

  • Apple’s self-driving vehicle crashes during testing in California

    US technology behemoth Apple has suffered a setback in its effort to lead the global movement towards a future of autonomous driving during testing of its self-driving program in California.

  • Facebook announces plans to construct homes to alleviate housing crisis in Silicon Valley

    Social media networking colossus Facebook has vowed to begin constructing homes in an attempt to alleviate the housing problem which has plagued Silicon Valley. Facebook, which is headquartered in the technological hub of the US, has announced that it plans to build 1,500 units - which will be located near its HQ.

  • US smartphone giant granted permit to test self-driving vehicles in California

    US technology colossus Apple has been awarded a permit which allows them to test autonomous vehicles in California. The decision to grant the permit has only served to heighten speculation that Apple is working on self-driving technology and is set to join a growing number of companies with ambitions to offer self-driving vehicles to the masses.

  • US tech giant hires AI expert from Google

    US technology giant Apple has pulled off a major coup by acquiring the services of a high-profile AI expert from rivals Google.

  • US tech leader puts the brakes on its self-driving program

    US technology leader Apple has announced that it is cutting back on its dedicated self-driving team. However, it declared that it was remaining in the race to deploy autonomous vehicles.

  • Warnings on 5G network complexity

    As the world now prepares for next-generation 5G networks knowing that rollouts are still three to five years away, companies like Apple, Samsung and Intel are working hard to ensure they stay ahead of the curve on 5G research and development. Chip giant Qualcomm believes there are incredibly complex challenges facing the industry as it attempts to bring 5G technology to commercial reality.