• Autonomous robot set to transform the way you carry out your daily tasks!

    An Italian company has developed an autonomous robot which is designed to help users carry cargo, such as groceries and complete other mundane chores. Italian company Vespa, better known for producing scooters, has opened a Boston-based division called 'Piaggio Fast Forward' in order to focus on the future of mobility.

  • Boston embraces ‘smart mobility’ by unveiling new technology facility

    The US state of Boston has unveiled a new technology center designed to help the city embrace 'smart mobility' solutions in an effort to alleviate traffic congestion issues.

  • US city implements KT’s 1Gbps wireless technology

    The first line of South Korean telecom provider KT's innovative 'GiGa Wire' technology has been installed in the United States. The technology can get internet speeds of up to 1Gbps, with plain copper wire and without any fiber-optic cable. KT signed an MoU with the city of Boston, Massachusetts, in June, for the implementation of the new technology.