• European capital city set to launch pioneering ‘smart city’ solutions

    Officials in the Finnish capital city of Helsinki have confirmed that they will introduce pioneering 'smart city' solutions in an effort to reduce its energy usage by 10-20%. Helsinki is one of three European Lighthouse Cities, and it has finalized its plans for a three-year implementation project which has been specifically designed to transform energy performance in targeted urban areas.

  • NEC partners with Spanish city on innovation center to develop smart city solutions

    Japanese conglomerate NEC Corporation has officially announced that NEC Iberica, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Europe Ltd., and Murcia City, Spain, have signed an agreement to develop an "innovation center" in collaboration with the University of Murcia.

  • The top city for blockchain revealed

    The top 10 cities for blockchain in the world were revealed according to a ranking by Boyd Cohen, co-founder of IoMob and the Blockchain Cities Alliance and dean of research at EADA Business School in Barcelona.

  • US city receives $2.5m in funding after winning climate challenge program

    The US city of Seattle has been named as the inaugural winner of Bloomberg's American Cities Climate Challenge, an ambitious program which helps cities achieve their environmental and sustainability goals.

  • US city unveils digital playbook for urban mobility

    The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) has unveiled its digital playbook aimed at addressing the urban mobility issues that have long plagued the sun-drenched city. The LADOT launched it Urban Mobility in a Digital Age Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) after months of speculation regarding the program.