Clean Energy

  • DEWA’s CEO on ambitious plans to exceed 7% of clean energy by 2020

    In a one-on-one interview with Smart Cities World Forums, H.E. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA commented on DEWA’s current and future projects saying, “We have ambitious plans to exceed 7% of clean energy by 2020 thanks to many initiatives like Shams Dubai which provides a total capacity of more than 130 Megawatts.”

  • European Commission to modernize transport system by providing ‘connected mobility’

    The European Commission has announced a series of new initiatives which has been specifically designed to modernize the European transport system. The program which has been entitled 'Europe on the Move' - aims to make traffic safer, encourage more equal road charging across member states, reduce harmful CO² emissions, air pollution and urban congestion - which is continuing to be a growing problem for many major cities across Europe due to increased urbanization.

  • New York inaugurates EV charging pilot program

    Central Hudson Gas & Electric and Orange & Rockland, New York-based utility providers, have announced the piloting of an electric vehicle (EV) program for their customers residing in the Hudson Valley.

  • UK smart city awarded for its progressive approach to energy saving

    The UK city of Nottingham has been recognized by Huawei's latest UK Smart Cities Index for its progressive approach to energy conservation. Nottingham was given the Star Award in recognition for its energy efforts in the city.