Driverless cars

  • Arizona lifts ban on driverless vehicles


    Uber are to resume testing their self-driving cars in Arizona after seeking permission from authorities to restart the program.

  • Dubai Police outlines plans to introduce driverless cars and RoboCops to its fleet

    Dubai Police has disclosed some of the ambitious and truly revolutionary and innovative measures they plan to introduce to the policing sector in the UAE. Director General of Artificial Intelligence at Dubai Police, Brig. Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi outlined some of the applications it has in the pipeline at the Intersec Artificial Intelligence and Information Security Conference which was held at the Dubai World Trade Center.

  • Research predicts that sales of driverless cars will soar in the US

    Research conducted in the United States is projecting that the sales of autonomous vehicles is set to explode exponentially in the next eight years. The increase in sales is expected to be primarily propelled by aggressive investment from the likes of Google subsidiary Waymo.

  • Robotic delivery dogs exhibited at CES 2019

    German automotive company Continental is to exhibit their Continental Urban Mobility Experience (CUbE) driverless vehicle at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this week, and introduce their long term plan for developing smart city transportation infrastructure.

  • Uber deploys autonomous cars for select passengers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Uber officially deployed its first fleet of driverless vehicles last week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company was beaten to the race to be the first company to deploy autonomous taxis when nuTonomy rolled them out in Singapore in late August. Only customers considered to be ‘loyal’ are able to try out the new driverless vehicles in Pittsburgh.