Driverless Technology

  • Driverless technology expert to provide mobility solutions in US cities

    A leading US-based mobility firm has partnered with Easy-Mile, a global expert in driverless technology in order to provide autonomous solutions to public agencies across the United States. Demand-Trans Solutions delivers mobility-on-demand technology and formally announced the partnership agreement with Easy-Mile.

  • Japanese town trials driverless technology in bid to keep elderly population ‘on the move’

    A Japanese community has introduced driverless technology as part of an initiative specifically designed to keep its elderly citizens active and 'on the move'. The rural town of Nishikata, which is located around 115KM from the capital city of Tokyo, has decided to experiment with the autonomous technology in an effort to enable its elderly population to continue participating and being active in community life.

  • Uber suspend self-driving pilot program following car accident in US

    US-based global ride-sharing colossus Uber Technologies Inc. has suffered yet another setback following their decision to suspend its pilot program for driverless vehicles. Management at Uber decided to ground the innovative self-driving program following a car crash in Arizona - the vehicle involved in the collision was equipped with nascent technology and belonged to Uber police in the US have confirmed.