Electric Vehicles

  • Czech Republic’s €45m low emission vehicle scheme approved

    The European Commission has found Czech plans to support the creation of a network of refueling and recharging stations for low emission vehicles to be in line with EU state aid rules. The measure contributes to reducing CO2 emissions without unduly distorting competition in the Single Market.

  • Dyson to construct EV manufacturing facility in Singapore

    Dyson confirmed that its board has ratified a decision to construct its first advanced automotive manufacturing facility in Singapore. The bespoke two-storey manufacturing facility is scheduled for completion in 2020.

  • German car manufacturer to invest $735m in electric vehicles in China

    German car manufacturer Daimler has announced that it plans to invest $735m in electric vehicle production in China. In a statement issued to the press, Daimler announced that alongside its Chinese joint venture partner BAIC Motor Corporation will jointly invest 5 billion yuan ($735M) in the pursuit of battery electric vehicle production in China by 2020. In addition to this, it further disclosed its commitment to provide the infrastructure that is required.

  • Germany sets up eHighway for hybrid trucks

    A highway in Germany installed overhead cables to power hybrid cars, in an effort to electrify truck transportation and cut emissions.

  • Iceland deploys ‘fast chargers’ to cope with country’s adoption of electric vehicles

    Iceland has been forced to deploy new 'fast charging' infrastructure across its capital Reykjavik, following the rapid increase and adoption of electric vehicles in the country. Iceland's government has been aggressively pursuing the electrification in its transport sector, and Icelandic motorists are acutely aware of the benefits of moving away from fossil-fuel powered cars towards clean electric vehicles.

  • New York inaugurates EV charging pilot program

    Central Hudson Gas & Electric and Orange & Rockland, New York-based utility providers, have announced the piloting of an electric vehicle (EV) program for their customers residing in the Hudson Valley.

  • South Korean car manufacturer to develop electric vehicles in attempt to challenge Tesla

    South Korean car manufacturers Hyundai Motor Co have outlined plans to start developing its first dedicated architecture for electric vehicles in a clear attempt to challenge businesses like Tesla in what is a growing market sector for automakers. With that trend likely to continue Hyundai is expected to introduce a number of new products to the electric vehicle industry.

  • Swiss city partners with ABB to deploy e-infrastructure for public transportation

    The Swiss city of Davos has announced a long-term partnership agreement with ABB Group in order to provide the city with e-infrastructure for its public and private transportation systems. ABB was showcasing some of its innovative solutions at the annual World Economic Forum which was recently held in Davos.

  • Toronto inaugurates on-street charging station pilot for EVs

    Toronto has launched an on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging station pilot in cooperation with the electric utility Toronto Hydro.

  • UAE introduce incentives to encourage motorists to buy ‘electric vehicles’

    The UAE Ministry of Energy has launched an incentive program designed to encourage motorists to buy electric vehicles - as part of the nation's long-term plan for electrification. The incentive program aims to tempt motorists to go electric by introducing zero-carbon emissions electric vehicles through green bank loans, green insurance plans and attractive and affordable prices for electric vehicles.

  • UK city implements connected infrastructure to facilitate movement towards EV adoption

    A UK city has taken a progressive approach to facilitating its movement towards electric vehicle adoption by appointing an energy firm to erect electric charging infrastructure.

  • US electric carmaker reveals plans to build cars in China

    US electric car manufacturer Tesla has informed its shareholders that it has entered into negotiations with officials in China in an effort to build electric cars and battery packs in Shanghai. Tesla which was founded by South African entrepreneur Elon Musk has come under fire in the US in recent months following a series of collisions, some fatal involving Tesla models.

  • Volkswagen set to invest €20 billion in electric cars in effort to compete with Tesla

    German car manufacturing colossus Volkswagen has announced that it will invest €20 billion in the development of electric vehicles in an effort to compete with US electric incumbent Tesla. The revelation ends months of speculation in relation to Volkswagen and its strategy towards ‘mass electrification'.