• 5G’s impact on consumerism

    5G, one of the most prominent modern leaps in emerging technology, brings with it the promise of efficiency and real-time services. This highly anticipated 5G wireless network technology is expected to be so powerful that it will enable the mass production of highly anticipated autonomous cars, virtual reality in real time, download speeds which are ten times faster than what we are used to and the list goes on.

  • China’s largest social media company set to enter ‘smart TV’ sector

    China's largest social media and gaming organization, will enter the domain of the 'smart TV' sector following the announcement that it has reached an agreement with TCL Corp. Tencent Holdings has agreed to allow its video content to be streamed on TCL's 'smart TVs' - which will expand its content dominance from mobile phones to living rooms.

  • Ooredoo demonstrates world first futuristic 5G technologies

    At an exciting event held at The Pearl, Ooredoo showcased the true power and speed of Ooredoo 5G with smart city technology that will be available in the future.

  • The transformational power of telecommunications

    The telecommunications sector has always been at the forefront of innovation in the way that it has been connecting people and driving digital transformation in other industries for decades. Telcos have helped businesses all over the world to comprehend and unlock their full potential through digitalization. It has a proven track-record of being the ultimate key enabler in advancing the commercial world into the fourth industrial revolution.