• Australian government launches initiative to transform Adelaide into a ‘smart city’

    Government representatives at both a national and local level are collaborating with entrepreneurs and the University of Adelaide as part of a collective effort to transform Adelaide into a 'smart city'. The initiative is part of an overall program launched by the new Australian Smart Cities Consortium.

  • BMW Group obtains autonomous test driving license in China

    BMW Group has announced that it has officially obtained the Shanghai Intelligent Connected Autonomous Driving Test License.

  • Canadian government launches $50m ‘Smart City Challenge’

    The Canadian government has once again reiterated its commitment to the smart city movement by officially launching a new $50m 'Smart City Challenge'. The innovative project has been specifically designed to encourage communities nationwide in the country to leverage new technology.

  • DEWA’s Smart Living initiative shows big results

    The Smart Living initiative has achieved savings up to 179.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity and 67.7 million gallons of water, since its launch in July 2020 until January 2021. This is equal to savings of AED 52.6 million. Smart adoption of the initiative has reached 100% while 1.24 million digital visits have been recorded. The initiative reduced 15,643 tonnes of carbon emissions. Customer trust has increased to 92% while their satisfaction reached 98%. The initiative has improved the productivity of employees by 27% while the service quality has reached 94%.

  • Dubai can become thriving FinTech hub like London, Singapore and New York

    Dubai has expressed its aspirations to become the next FinTech hub. The city has enjoyed decades of rapid growth - and has developed its infrastructure to become a key business center which has now firmly switched its focus towards the FinTech sector.

  • French firms sing MoU to accelerate development of sustainable ‘Smart Cities’

    French firms SUEZ and Bouygues Construction have announced that they have signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) in a collective bid to accelerate the development of sustainable ‘smart cities' that have circular economic solutions.

  • Huawei and China Telecom release joint-report on 5G Network Slicing for enabling Smart Grid

    China Telecom and Huawei have collaborated to deliver a detailed report entitled '5G Network Slicing Enabling Smart Grid' which provides the results of the detailed analysis from a 5G network slicing project they duo embarked upon.

  • Iceland deploys ‘fast chargers’ to cope with country’s adoption of electric vehicles

    Iceland has been forced to deploy new 'fast charging' infrastructure across its capital Reykjavik, following the rapid increase and adoption of electric vehicles in the country. Iceland's government has been aggressively pursuing the electrification in its transport sector, and Icelandic motorists are acutely aware of the benefits of moving away from fossil-fuel powered cars towards clean electric vehicles.

  • Japanese town trials driverless technology in bid to keep elderly population ‘on the move’

    A Japanese community has introduced driverless technology as part of an initiative specifically designed to keep its elderly citizens active and 'on the move'. The rural town of Nishikata, which is located around 115KM from the capital city of Tokyo, has decided to experiment with the autonomous technology in an effort to enable its elderly population to continue participating and being active in community life.

  • London launches new tech initiative in effort to become world’s ‘smartest’ city

    The Mayor of London has once again reiterated his desire to make the UK capital the 'smartest' city in the world by launching a new innovative tech entrepreneur program.

  • Major cities of the world commit to zero emissions from 2025

    Some of the world's biggest cities have pledged their commitment to protect the environment and rid their cities of harmful fossil fuels by agreeing to deploy zero emissions buses from 2025. Twelve major cities will introduce the environmentally-friendly vehicles to its transportation systems from 2025, in a bid to make major areas of their cities 'fossil fuel free' by 2030.

  • Mexico addresses need for digital transformation by launching new tech hub

    Mexico has taken its first steps towards addressing its need to embrace digital transformation by launching a new tech hub in the city of Monterrey.

  • Newly launched European Smart City hub hopes to be inspirational for other cities

    Dutch co-working space provider and innovator, B. Amsterdam, has announced B. Smart City Hub, a 24000 m2 hall for companies looking for space for assembly, storage and distribution near the center of Amsterdam. The hub is planned to be operational in January 2019 and is dedicated mainly for companies in the waste, water, energy, logistics, smart storage, food and mobility sectors.

  • Nokia joins initiative aimed at helping bring smart city services to Finland

    Nokia has joined 'Smart Tampere', an initiative to introduce smart city services that will foster economic development and improve the daily lives of citizens in Tampere, Finland. Smart Tampere brings together local companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local government and citizens to explore how digital technologies can be implemented in areas such as smart mobility, e-health, smart lighting, smart energy, extended user experience and more.

  • Nordic nation to phase out fossil fuel-powered vehicles and go all 'electric' by 2025

    Europe is now beginning to embrace electro-mobility - but one Nordic nation which adopted that stance years ago - and serves as a shining example to other nations as Europe's surge towards mass electric vehicle deployments builds momentum. Norway has been leading the charge and announced its intentions to phase out all fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2025! However, Norway's modern approach towards electric vehicles isn't an initiative which was launched in the millennial era - no, in fact it started in the early 1990s!

  • Public-private consortium launches initiative to make UK a global leader in 5G

    An initiative which has been specifically designed to position the UK as a global leader in the development, deployment and adoption of 5G technology has been backed by the Tory-led coalition government in Westminster.

  • SAP CEO says introduction of AI will accelerate Saudi Vision 2030

    The CEO of SAP, Bill McDermott has stated that the introduction and subsequent integration of Artificial Intelligence will help accelerate and achieve the ambitious national development goals and objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. In addition to this, McDermott believes AI will serve as the perfect foundation for smart city NEOM which is located in the country's Tabuk region.

  • Singapore Prime Minister admits country’s ‘Smart Nation’ initiative is moving too slowly

    Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has lamented the speed at which the country's 'Smart Nation' project is currently being implemented - and conceded it wasn't moving as fast as was expected. The Prime Minister insisted that it was imperative that solutions are sought quickly in order to resolve the issues currently being encountered by those tasked with the responsibility of launching the initiative.

  • The oldest city in the world set to embrace technology and become ‘smart’

    The oldest city in the world is set to embrace technology that will transform its services in an effort to become a 'smart city'. The city of Varanasi, which is recognized as the holiest site for those who follow Hinduism is located on the Ganges Rivers in Northern India.

  • UAE introduce incentives to encourage motorists to buy ‘electric vehicles’

    The UAE Ministry of Energy has launched an incentive program designed to encourage motorists to buy electric vehicles - as part of the nation's long-term plan for electrification. The incentive program aims to tempt motorists to go electric by introducing zero-carbon emissions electric vehicles through green bank loans, green insurance plans and attractive and affordable prices for electric vehicles.