• Huawei and Vodafone Turkey launch TechCity 2.0 project in Istanbul

    Huawei and Vodafone Turkey have launched the TechCity 2.0 Project in Istanbul. This new project enables broader co-operation between both sides, with Vodafone Turkey, a company that leads digitalization in Turkey, and Huawei both being leaders in future technologies and vertical industries.

  • Saudi Arabia’s new industrial ‘smart city’ starts to take shape

    The development of an industrial ‘smart city’ in Saudi Arabia is beginning to take shape - with those centrally involved with the innovative project announcing that it was now ready for ‘experimental operation’. The industrialized ‘smart city’ is being developed in Asfan, which is just north of Jeddah.

  • South Korea named World’s most innovative economy - but Nordic nations rule

    South Korea has been named as the No.1 nation in the world when it comes to having an innovative economy. The Korean's came out on top of Bloomberg's Innovation Index for 2017. The nation won the award based on its R&D intensity, value-added manufacturing and patent activity. However, it was the Nordic nations who were the biggest winners overall, but two nations featuring in the top five.

  • UAE set to introduce eco-friendly drones to electrically seed clouds

    The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science has announced that it is set to introduce eco-friendly drones to electrically seed clouds as part of the nation's weather bureau experiments. The UAE has been experimenting with new cloud-seeding methods and technology in order to feed rainwater to parched reaches of the region- and it has now revealed its exciting new experiment which will include the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for seeding.