Los Angeles

  • Hyperloop One conducts tests in Nevada as it aims to revolutionize transportation industry

    Testing of futuristic technology aimed at revolutionizing the transportation sector is currently underway in Nevada, USA. Hyperloop One, a Los-Angeles-based company responsible for developing the technology is working on a technical vision which was provided by Tesla founder and entrepreneur Elon Musk.

  • LA named worst city in the world for traffic congestion despite smart mobility efforts

    Los Angeles is famous for its stunning beaches, sunny climate and entertainment industry. However, it has now firmly established itself as the worst city in the world when it comes to urban congestion - as it received the unwanted title of the ‘most gridlocked city' in the world for the sixth year-in-a-row.

  • Major cities of the world commit to zero emissions from 2025

    Some of the world's biggest cities have pledged their commitment to protect the environment and rid their cities of harmful fossil fuels by agreeing to deploy zero emissions buses from 2025. Twelve major cities will introduce the environmentally-friendly vehicles to its transportation systems from 2025, in a bid to make major areas of their cities 'fossil fuel free' by 2030.

  • New York, LA and Chicago named as the ‘smartest cities’ in the US

    A report formed to establish which cities in the United States were the 'smartest' - has found that New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are the country's leading 'smart cities'. The report examined smart cities in North America and the research was conducted by ABI Research.

  • US airport set to trial ‘smart restrooms’

    Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has announced that it is set to commence on a pilot of a 'smart restroom' program in one if its terminal buildings. It will become the first airport in the world to install a restroom traffic management system that has been specifically designed to improve the cleanliness and flow of passenger movement in public restrooms at busy airports.

  • US city unveils digital playbook for urban mobility

    The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) has unveiled its digital playbook aimed at addressing the urban mobility issues that have long plagued the sun-drenched city. The LADOT launched it Urban Mobility in a Digital Age Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) after months of speculation regarding the program.

  • US transport startup announces plans to build $500m research center in Spain

    A US startup that is developing a supersonic rail transit system which it claims will represent the future of public transportation, has announced that it will construct a research center worth $500m in Spain. Virgin Hyperloop One reached an agreement with Spanish state-owned rail infrastructure firm ADIF after a series of protracted talks.