machine learning

  • Cisco powers Artificial Intelligence initiatives with new UCS server

    With the aim of helping enterprises address the challenges emerging from the effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) on the underlying infrastructure and processes of IT, Cisco is unveiling its first server built from the ground up for AI and ML workloads.

  • Dell to maximize potential of smart city solutions in India

    Dell Technologies, Vehant Technologies, and Graymatics and Wordsensing have decided to collaborate to develop and deliver smart city solutions in the areas of ‘Intelligent Traffic Management’ and ‘Safe City’ in India.

  • Emotionally-Savvy AI and the Role of Voice Technology

    At MWC Shanghai, Telecom Review carried out an interview with Rana Gujral, CEO of Behavioral Signals. The Los Angeles-based tech start-up focuses on initiating emotionally intelligent conversations with artificial intelligence (AI). Their use of emotions to deduce voice data has helped them build engines that are more emotionally-savvy. Their award-winning flagship product - OliverAPI -  allows enterprises to track emotions and behaviors in natural language conversations to get a complete view of related key performance indicators. By being able to recognize emotional cues and perform and behavioral prediction analytics, their technology provides enriched conversational insights for interaction with voice assistants, chatbots, robotic virtual assistants, social healthcare robotics and mobile voice assistants.

  • Impressive yet amoral: AI capable of writing books received with both praise and criticism

    A company, co-founded by billionaire Elon Musk, has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) technology which has the ability to create coherent stories, write novels and computer code.

  • India set to replicate Chinese model in effort to become AI superpower

    The Indian government has announced that it will develop a national program on AI after acknowledging that the emerging technology has been the potential to reshape and revolutionize the world as we know it. It has also been reported that India is looking to China for inspiration and will attempt to replicate its business model and strategic approach to Artificial Intelligence in order to become a global AI superpower.

  • Nesta invests 250k in ‘collective intelligence’ experiments to solve social issues

    Nesta, an innovation foundation, has said that it will invest 250,000 GBP to fund 12 experiments aimed at using artificial intelligence and other technologies combined with human intelligence to “make something that is better than either on its own”.

  • Nokia Bell Labs and French research lab to examine human needs in all contexts of communications

    Nokia and Inria, a French national research institute dedicated to promoting 'scientific excellence in the service of technology transfer and society as a whole', announced the renewal of their joint lab for a four-year period. The announcement took place during an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Inria with Marcus Weldon, Nokia CTO and Nokia Bell Labs President, and Antoine Petit, Inria CEO.

  • Qualcomm acquires machine learning firm to bolster position in AI

    Qualcomm Technologies has laid out its vision for ubiquitous on-device artificial intelligence (AI) complementing cloud AI. In a press release the company said it "envision a world where AI makes devices, machines, automobiles, and thingsmuch more intelligent, simplifying and enriching our daily lives."

  • SAS and NVIDIA join forces for AI development

    SAS and NVIDIA have announced a new partnership which aims to help organizations bring artificial intelligence (AI) into their businesses.

  • US tech giant hires AI expert from Google

    US technology giant Apple has pulled off a major coup by acquiring the services of a high-profile AI expert from rivals Google.

  • US whistleblower calls for regulation on AI

    US whistleblower Chelsea Manning has called for a regulatory framework to be created with regards to the development of AI and machine learning. According to Manning who is a former US army intelligence analyst, mass surveillance by government agencies is increasing and getting worse.

  • World Economic Forum launches initiative to address ‘governance gaps’ in emerging tech

    The World Economic Forum launched six Industry 4.0 Councils on Wednesday to aid policymakers and enterprises in leveraging emerging technologies whilst anticipating the social risks that could result from them.