• AI expected to boost UAE GDP by $96bn

    Rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions will increase the UAE's GDP by USD 96 billion by 2030, enabling organizations to better meet and predict customer and citizen trends and drive digital business innovation.

  • Hyundai to develop ‘long-distance’ electric car in effort to compete with Tesla

    South Korean car manufacturing colossus Hyundai has confirmed that it is currently working on developing a 'long distance' electric car in an effort to compete with Tesla and other rivals in the electric automotive sector.

  • New report claims spending on IoT cybersecurity to rise by 300%

    A comprehensive new report which was compiled by Juniper Research has projected that spending on Internet of Things cybersecurity solutions is set to rise by an incredible 300% in the next five years.  The global research firm has estimated that investment in Internet of Things cybersecurity solutions will reach $6bn globally by 2023.

  • Swedish operator set to launch ‘connected car’ service in Eastern Europe

    Swedish telecommunications firm Telia has announced expansion plans for its connected car service in new markets in both Northern and Eastern Europe. The connected car service which is entitled Telia Sense, is a cloud-based platform that offers connected car services to both old and new vehicles has proved to be a massive success following its deployments in Sweden and Denmark.

  • Tata Communications launches B2B IoT marketplace

    India’s Tata Communications has revealed its launch for an IoT marketplace which is aimed at linking enterprise customers with IoT service providers through a single platform in an effort to accelerate the country’s growing IoT ecosystem.

  • US operator announces plans to launch 5G for mobile customers in 2018

    US telecommunications colossus AT&T has seemingly trumped its major rivals Verizon and T-Mobile US by officially announcing that it will offer 5G services for its mobile customers in a dozen or so markets later this year.