• Nordic nation chosen as location for the largest data center in the world

    Norway has been selected as the location for the construction of the largest data center in the world. US-Norwegian company KOLOS has formally announced its intentions to build the state-of-the-art facility inside the Arctic Circle in the town of Ballangen.

  • Nordic nation to phase out fossil fuel-powered vehicles and go all 'electric' by 2025

    Europe is now beginning to embrace electro-mobility - but one Nordic nation which adopted that stance years ago - and serves as a shining example to other nations as Europe's surge towards mass electric vehicle deployments builds momentum. Norway has been leading the charge and announced its intentions to phase out all fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2025! However, Norway's modern approach towards electric vehicles isn't an initiative which was launched in the millennial era - no, in fact it started in the early 1990s!

  • Norway carries out autonomous mobility trials for public transport

    An agreement between Toyota Motor Europe, Sensible 4, Holo and Ruter has been announced to pave the way for new autonomous mobility deployments to be potentially integrated into Norway’s public transport network.

  • Norway crowned the ‘Happiest’ country in the world – as US remains outside of Top Ten

    The Nordic regions have reigned supreme in a report produced to find out which is the 'Happiest' country in the world to live in. Norway was crowned No.1 - while neighbors Denmark and Iceland were placed second and third respectively. In addition to this, Sweden also made the Top Ten. However, the US 'happiness factor' continues to slide with a 14th place ranking.

  • Norway’s largest companies join forces to develop national strategy on AI

    Some of Norway's largest companies are joining forces in establishing a national powerhouse for artificial intelligence. Its aim is to improve the quality and capacity for research, education and innovation in the field.

  • Norwegian technology company to invest further in ‘flexible sensor productions’ and ‘smart cards’

    NEXT Biometrics Group ASA, which is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, has formally announced that it has raised 156 million Norwegian Krone ($18.7 million US) in gross proceeds accumulated through a Private Placement which consisted of 1,167,000 new shares following the close of markets yesterday.

  • South Korea named World’s most innovative economy - but Nordic nations rule

    South Korea has been named as the No.1 nation in the world when it comes to having an innovative economy. The Korean's came out on top of Bloomberg's Innovation Index for 2017. The nation won the award based on its R&D intensity, value-added manufacturing and patent activity. However, it was the Nordic nations who were the biggest winners overall, but two nations featuring in the top five.

  • Telenor to open IoT ProtoLab in Norway

    Norway-based Telenor Group and Wireless Trondheim are joining forces to open a new IoT powerhouse to boost innovation, build competencies and promote Norwegian competitiveness. The IoT ProtoLab will be open to start-ups, developers and students looking to rapidly prototype and develop IoT products and services.

  • US state commences testing on driverless shuttle buses

    The Department of Transportation in the US state of Minnesota has announced that it has officially commenced trials of its new driverless bus shuttles. The US state becomes the latest in a whole host of North American cities to trial new autonomous technology which if tested successfully will be subsequently integrated into its public transportation sector.