• Autonomous cars represent ethical dilemma for society

    Researchers at an American University have embarked on a unique project aimed at establishing what exactly it will take for society to accept autonomous vehicles. Driverless cars are becoming a reality, but how can the innovative vehicles deal with life-or-death dilemmas. Can engineers create a model that is able to adapt accordingly when faced with critical decisions?

  • Uber deploys autonomous cars for select passengers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Uber officially deployed its first fleet of driverless vehicles last week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company was beaten to the race to be the first company to deploy autonomous taxis when nuTonomy rolled them out in Singapore in late August. Only customers considered to be ‘loyal’ are able to try out the new driverless vehicles in Pittsburgh.

  • US self-driving startup to launch services in Singapore next year

    US self-driving company NuTonomy, has announced plans to launch a paid, commercial service in Singapore. The US startup publicly announced its plans last week, and believes it will be in a position to deploy its services in Singapore by the second quarter of next year.