• Dutch town launches traffic-light pilot for pedestrians using smartphones

    Dutch authorities have launched an innovative scheme involving foot-level traffic lights which is aimed at warning pedestrians distracted by their smartphones. With pedestrians increasingly preoccupied with their devices - some are straying on to the road and into oncoming traffic. However, a Dutch town is set to roll-out a pilot project aimed at warning pedestrians of potential danger.

  • Jaguar Land Rover launches pioneering self-driving project

    Jaguar Land Rover has fitted 'virtual eyes' to intelligent pods to understand how humans will trust self-driving vehicles, as research studies suggest that as many as 63% of pedestrians worry about how safe it will be to cross the road in the future

  • RTA introduce smart signals in effort to reduce pedestrian accidents in Dubai

    Road and Transport Authority (RTA) have begun trialing smart signals technology in an effort to ensure a safe crossing for pedestrians and reduce the number of accidents in Dubai. The RTA have begun conducting tests and the sensor-based light system was installed by RTA on Al Saada Street, which is located in the densely-populated area close to Dubai's financial district.

  • Siemens launches smart city platform aimed at improving road safety in Las Vegas

    A smart city platform developed by Siemens is being trialed in the city of Las Vegas in an effort to improve road safety. The innovative technology is designed to enable vehicles and pedestrians to communicate with the traffic infrastructure in the city.

  • Volvo calls for universal safety standard for autonomous car communication

    With its new 360c autonomous concept, Volvo Cars tackles one of the main challenges around the introduction of autonomous technology and calls for a new, global standard in how autonomous vehicles can safely communicate with all other road users.