• German car manufacturer opens digital technology center in Silicon Valley

    World-renowned German car manufacturing firm Porsche has announced that it will open a new digital technology center in Silicon Valley that will lead to the creation of over 100 jobs. In a statement issued to announce the inception of the new facility - Porsche outlined that the fundamental purpose of the new 'innovation hub' will be to forge new partnerships, cooperate with venture-capital companies and invest in new companies.

  • Tesla’s latest ‘electric car’ has quicker acceleration than a Porsche and a Ferrari!

    Tesla has a reputation for producing vehicles capable of quick-acceleration, but they want its cars to be even faster. Its latest model 'electric car' just clocked acceleration times than beat a Porsche and a Ferrari!

    Tesla's latest production model Tesla SP100D accelerated from 0-60 miles per-hour in a dizzying 2.28 seconds in a recent test conducted by Motor Trend. The phenomenal speed of the latest electric model from Tesla even caught the American automakers by surprise.