• Singapore launches smart cities co-innovation lab

    Singapore has launched the South East Asia’s first industry-led smart cities development lab.

  • Singapore maintains highest smart city ranking for second consecutive year

    Singapore has managed to rank the top smart city in the world for the second consecutive year, followed by the Finnish capital (Helsinki) and Swiss city of Zurich.

  • Singapore Prime Minister admits country’s ‘Smart Nation’ initiative is moving too slowly

    Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has lamented the speed at which the country's 'Smart Nation' project is currently being implemented - and conceded it wasn't moving as fast as was expected. The Prime Minister insisted that it was imperative that solutions are sought quickly in order to resolve the issues currently being encountered by those tasked with the responsibility of launching the initiative.

  • Singapore reshapes retail business with new self-service store

    Singtel launched Unboxed, a 45 square-meter shop without staff that aims to make customers’ retail experience faster and more convenient. The newly opened outlet showcases how Singtel’s digital transformation takes customer experience to a whole new level.

  • Singapore set to trial autonomous shuttle buses through mobile app

    Singapore, a renowned test-bed for self-driving vehicles, plans to launch a public trial of driverless buses which can be booked through an app.

  • Singapore takes initial steps towards nationwide 5G rollout

    A public consultation has been launched by Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to determine the suitable regulatory framework needed for 5G technology in order to start deploying the technology by 2020.

  • Singapore to deploy autonomous electric buses in 2019

    Singapore is set to embark on what it describes as a 'groundbreaking project' following the announcement that it will introduce two autonomous electric buses to the transportation fleet on the island by 2019.

  • Singapore tops global broadband speed tests

    Singapore has been ranked number one in a test of broadband speeds across 189 countries. The data was collected across 12 months ending May 10, 2017, by Measurement Lab (M-Lab), a partnership between New America's Open Technology Institute, Google Open Source Research, Princeton University's PlanetLab, and others.

  • Singapore trials iris-scanning technology at border checkpoints

    Singapore the city-state regarded as one of the world's leadings hubs for technological innovation has commenced trials of iris-scanning technology at its border checkpoints. Singapore's immigration authority officially confirmed the trialing of the expensive technology had begun and claimed that it could one day replace fingerprint verification.

  • Singapore unveils national AI strategy

    At Smart City Expo World Congress last week, Singapore launched its National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy in an effort to maintain its reputation for smart city technologies and to become a test-bed and global hub for AI solution development.

  • Singapore, Dubai and Lyon have embraced autonomous transportation. Should we be worried?

    Autonomous vehicle technology is evolving rapidly, and cities around the world are embracing the concept with open arms. Dubai recently launched its first driverless bus service, while Singapore has became the first nation in the world to implement driverless taxis. As the world moves forward and adopts technology that no longer involves human interference, carmakers must face the difficult question of how safe their product really is before it's ready to move people on highways and city streets.

  • Singapore, London and Barcelona named as the world’s best smart cities

    A report conducted by Phillips Lighting has named Singapore, London and Barcelona as the world’s best smart cities. The comprehensive study examined the drivers and hurdles presented by local authorities that are considering implementing smart city programs into their respective cities.

  • Singapore, London and Seoul named the ‘smartest cities’ in the world

    Singapore, London and Seoul have been named the world’s smartest cities following a new report compiled by the Eden Strategy Institute. The comprehensive study which was conducted in partnership with ONG&ONG Experience Design (OXD) involved 140 smart cities.

  • Singapore’s decision to turn off 2G set to leave thousands without signal

    The decision to turn off 2G in Singapore later this year is set to have devastating consequences for thousands of people who still use the city state’s second generation.

    Singapore authorities have opted to pull the plug on 2G mobile phone networks in April this year. However, cash strapped migrant workers and technophobic pensioners are set to be cut off after failing to embrace the technology revolution in the city - instead opting for 2G network cheap and robust handsets as opposed to smartphones.

  • Singaporean delegation wowed by Dubai’s smart city technologies

    Dubai Land Department (DLD) receivedSingaporean delegation headed by Lim Sim Seng, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Singapore Land Authority (SLA), in the presence of the Singaporean Ambassador to the UAE.

  • Singaporean startup to build smart city in Cambodia

    Singaporean startup, Limestone Network, has planned to build a smart city in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  • Singtel and Ericsson to launch Singapore’s first 5G Center of Excellence

    Singtel and Ericsson will jointly establish a Center of Excellence (CoE) to facilitate 5G development and deployment in Singapore. 5G, the next-generation mobile network technology, is expected to roll out globally from 2020 and will deliver massive connectivity, ultra-low latency, gigabit speeds, and enable advanced applications such as smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, and autonomous vehicles.

  • Singtel launches near-gigabit data speeds at select high-traffic locations

    Singapore's Singtel is launching in phases, near-gigabit speeds on its LTE-Advanced network at selected high-traffic outdoor locations across the island. At 800Mbps, it is Southeast Asia's fastest Gigabit-class LTE mobile data peak speed, delivering up to 60 percent faster download speeds than prevailing LTE services.

  • Singtel pushes fibre adoption to support Smart Nation

    Singapore-based telecom provider Singtel announced that it will accelerate fibre-based service adoption for its business and residential customers. Currently, fibre-based networks deliver speeds of up to 100Gbps and provide the connectivity needed for Smart Nation envisioned by Singapore.

  • Singtel, Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE teaming up to deploy Massive MIMO at special events

    Singtel announced plans to deploy Massive MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) technology commercially on its LTE-Advanced mobile network, to enhance mobile data speed experience by up to 200% at special events for its customers. A precursor to 5G technology, Massive MIMO is an advanced solution used to boost network capacity in highly dense environments.