Smart City Applications

  • Global leader in connected street lighting joins Smart Cities Council

    Telensa, a British IoT firm which is the global leader in driving connected street lighting and Smart City Applications has today confirmed that it has joined the Smart Cities Council. The Smart Cities Council is the world's premier consortium of smart city practitioners and experts. Boasting over 120 members that helped contribute to over 10,000 projects.

  • Huawei launches platform to build smart city applications in German city

    Chinese telecommunications behemoth Huawei has revealed that it hopes its plans to digitize a German city can be used as a model to be replicated all across Europe if the project is a success. Huawei recently launched its innovative and cutting-edge Rhine Cloud platform which it claims can build smart city applications.

  • Swedish network operator selects partner for its nationwide IoT rollout

    Swedish network provider Blink Services, which provides LoRaWAN for 'smart city' solutions has announced that it has selected its partner for its nationwide Internet of Things program. Multi-Tech Systems has been chosen by the Swedish firm after an intensive vetting process. It has been reported that Multi-Tech's close working relationship and shared partnership with French LPWAN organization Actility played a significant role in the company earning the contract.