Tim Cook

  • Apple announce plans to develop self-driving cars

    Apple has confirmed its ambitions to develop self-driving vehicles. There has been widespread speculation in relation to Apple's ambitions in the sector of autonomous vehicles over the last number of years, but it has now been officially revealed.

  • Apple CEO confirms its focusing on developing technology for driverless vehicles

    Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the technology colossus is now focusing on the development of autonomous systems as they join the global race to develop the technology for driverless cars. In an interview with Bloomberg, Cook described the challenge of building autonomous vehicles as 'the mother of all' artificial intelligence projects.

  • Apple employees set to move into futuristic ‘spaceship’ campus

    Apple employees are set to fulfill the vision of late founder Steve Jobs by moving into their futuristic new 'spaceship' campus in Silicon Valley. Apple employs are 12,000 people- so workers will embark on a gradual process of transitioning from its old HQ to the new campus throughout the year. The first number of employees to board the spaceship campus is expected to take place in April. Jobs envisioned the futuristic headquarters as a 'center for creativity and collaboration' and a theatre on the new Apple Park has been named in honor of the inventor who transformed Apple into the biggest technology companies in the world. Jobs sadly passed away in 2011 aged just 56.

  • US smartphone giant granted permit to test self-driving vehicles in California

    US technology colossus Apple has been awarded a permit which allows them to test autonomous vehicles in California. The decision to grant the permit has only served to heighten speculation that Apple is working on self-driving technology and is set to join a growing number of companies with ambitions to offer self-driving vehicles to the masses.

  • US tech giant hires AI expert from Google

    US technology giant Apple has pulled off a major coup by acquiring the services of a high-profile AI expert from rivals Google.

  • US tech leader puts the brakes on its self-driving program

    US technology leader Apple has announced that it is cutting back on its dedicated self-driving team. However, it declared that it was remaining in the race to deploy autonomous vehicles.