• ‘5G-connected ambulances will save millions of lives’ say experts at the World Economic Forum

    5G-connected ambulances will save millions of lives according to experts at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  It was one of a number of astonishing claims made throughout a panel discussion which examined how Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies were completely transforming healthcare.

  • Africa unveils its first ever ‘smart parking’ system in Ethiopia

    Africa has unveiled it's first-ever 'smart parking' system' in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa in an effort to reduce urban congestion and parking problems in the city. The innovative project cost around $2.2 million to construct - and it is hoped the 'smart parking' system can finally resolve the issues around mobility in a city notorious for its traffic jams. However, Addis Ababa's motorists are plagued even more by the fact the city has insufficient parking facilities.

  • African city to deploy IoT network which will provide blueprint for ‘smart city’ initiatives

    Government officials in Rwanda have announced its plans to deploy a city-wide IoT network in the capital city of Kigali as it renews its effort to improve every day services for its citizens. The IoT network will be the established courtesy of mobile satellite communications provider, Inmarsat, and low-power wide-area network company Actility.

  • H.E. Mattar Al Tayer outlines ‘Smart Future’ for Dubai’s Transport System at summit

    H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has outlined a 'Smart Future' for Dubai's public transportation system - and declared that the government is 'shaping the future' of transportation in order to 'transform' the urban environment in Dubai. His Excellency delivered a wide-ranging speech to attendees at the Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit (GMIS) in Abu Dhabi, and claimed that attitudes of both car manufacturers and drivers will need to change as shared mobility becomes the norm.

  • Mexico addresses need for digital transformation by launching new tech hub

    Mexico has taken its first steps towards addressing its need to embrace digital transformation by launching a new tech hub in the city of Monterrey.

  • Smart Dubai organizes workshop to help implement AI strategy

    The Smart Dubai Government Establishment (SDG), Smart Dubai's technical arm, organized a workshop to provide training for Dubai Government institutions around best practices in artificial intelligence (AI) in order to catalyze smart transformation in the emirate.

  • The oldest city in the world set to embrace technology and become ‘smart’

    The oldest city in the world is set to embrace technology that will transform its services in an effort to become a 'smart city'. The city of Varanasi, which is recognized as the holiest site for those who follow Hinduism is located on the Ganges Rivers in Northern India.