Transport Minister

  • UK government allocates £48m for ultra-low emission bus scheme

    The UK government has announced it will allocate £48m for an ultra-low emission bus scheme in England and Wales. The initiative was first introduced in 2016 as part of the government's overall strategy to reduce emissions nationwide.

  • UK government announces self-driving trucks to be tested in the UK next year

    The UK government has announced that it will begin testing self-driving trucks on public roads in Britain next year. Tests of self-driving trucks in Europe have been ongoing for the last two years, and now the Tory-DUP led coalition government have agreed to introduce the revolutionary technology that looks set to transform the transportation industry.

  • UK train companies embrace technology for ‘smarter’ travel

    UK rail firms are embracing technology and entering new partnerships in an effort to overhaul and transform its current travel systems. The rail industry in the UK has announced that it will publish more real-time information in a bid to facilitate technology firms aiming to develop intelligent travel apps for the future.