• Australian operator tests 5G-enabled Wi-Fi in Gold Coast

    Australian telecommunications incumbent Telstra has announced that it is testing 5G-enabled Wi-Fi hotspots on two streets in Gold Coast in an effort to give users a taste of 5G as it evaluates its next move in relation to next-generation mobile technology.

  • Ericsson partners with research institute to test industrial applications of 5G

    Ericsson and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology have teamed up to explore and develop industrial applications of 5G. The first use case for production of jet engine components for MTU Aero Engines is currently being evaluated and is presented this week (April 23-27) at the Hanover Fair in Germany.

  • Finland set to slash urban congestion by launching autonomous RoboBus system

    Finland is set to significantly reduce urban congestion and harmful emissions by launching a new electrically powered autonomous bus service in its capital city Helsinki. Authorities in Helsinki have formally disclosed plans in relation to the new public transportation system that will revolutionize the city.

  • Helsinki hope to make car ownership obsolete as self-driving buses roam the city

    The Finnish capital of Helsinki has launched its autonomous transportation system as self-driving buses take to the streets of the innovative smart city. French company Easy-Mile have developed the small electric buses which can transport up to nine passengers at speeds of up to 25mph - although it has been confirmed that they’ve been restricted to 7mph during their trial period.

  • Huawei launches platform to build smart city applications in German city

    Chinese telecommunications behemoth Huawei has revealed that it hopes its plans to digitize a German city can be used as a model to be replicated all across Europe if the project is a success. Huawei recently launched its innovative and cutting-edge Rhine Cloud platform which it claims can build smart city applications.

  • Japanese car manufacturer showcases brain-to-vehicle technology at CES 2018

    Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is showcasing revolutionary brain-to-vehicle technology (B2V) at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

  • London set to introduce ‘electric black cabs’ in effort to address pollution concerns

    London has reiterated its effort to reduce the harmful levels of pollution in the city by deploying the first ever electric taxis in the city. However, in an effort to maintain the traditional features of the city, the environmentally-friendly taxis will be the iconic 'black cabs'.

  • RTA confirms it has started trialing ‘smart license’ plates

    The Road Transport Authority (RTA) has confirmed that it has commenced trials on 'smart license' plates in Dubai. The Authority has embarked upon a number of highly ambitious and unique transportation projects in the last few years such as autonomous buses and flying taxis. This latest project involving 'smart license' plates is part of Dubai Smart City initiative.

  • RTA introduce smart signals in effort to reduce pedestrian accidents in Dubai

    Road and Transport Authority (RTA) have begun trialing smart signals technology in an effort to ensure a safe crossing for pedestrians and reduce the number of accidents in Dubai. The RTA have begun conducting tests and the sensor-based light system was installed by RTA on Al Saada Street, which is located in the densely-populated area close to Dubai's financial district.

  • Tokyo airport deploys driverless shuttle buses in preparation for Olympics

    Japan is recognized as one of the world’s leading pioneers when it comes to championing groundbreaking technologies - and it has just announced that it will deploy driverless buses on a trial basis at Tokyo Airport in preparation for the Olympic Games there next year.

  • US airport set to trial ‘smart restrooms’

    Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has announced that it is set to commence on a pilot of a 'smart restroom' program in one if its terminal buildings. It will become the first airport in the world to install a restroom traffic management system that has been specifically designed to improve the cleanliness and flow of passenger movement in public restrooms at busy airports.

  • Vodafone partners with Ericsson to test 5G technology in Dublin

    UK telecommunications colossus Vodafone has partnered with Swedish vendor Ericsson to trial next-generation 5G technology in Ireland’s capital city Dublin. Vodafone has claimed that the trial was a success and the pilot represents the very first live 5G test of the emerging technology in Ireland.