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SKT joins forces with Cisco and Samsung for smart office solutions

South Korean operator SK Telecom, Samsung and Cisco have signed a MoU which aims to promote 5G-powered smart office services.

The three companies plan to work together on planning and developing new 5G smart office solutions and services in order to create a package which combines their products to jointly promote integrated marketing initiatives.

In a statement by SKT, they stated that smart office is “considered a key 5G-based services for businesses, which will significantly improve work efficiency and productivity.”

One of the services they plan to develop involves the use of just a smartphone to meet all office tasks.

“In 5G smart offices, smartphones are all you need for work. As leaders in our respective fields of telecommunications, smartphone and collaboration solutions, we will put all our efforts in creating the best possible and innovative work environment,” said Choi LLgyu, Executive Vice President and Head of B2B Business Division at SKT.

They hope to achieve this through replacing PCs with mobile virtual desktop infrastructure which will mainly be developed by Samsung’s DeX technology. In terms of Cisco’s role in the matter, SKT is looking to offer mobile-based video conferences and virtual co-working spaces.

SKT will provide 5G infrastructure, cloud computing, enterprise mobile services and smart office solutions.

The first package is expected to be launched by the second half of 2019.

SK Telecom already revealed its 5G smart office last February in Seoul where cutting-edge information and communication technologies were implemented such as artificial intelligence (AI), A 5G ‘walking through’ system, and AI-powered facial recognition which allows for employees to enter without a pass or ID card.