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Chinese firms partner on mobility software that connects vehicles

Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba Cloud has announced a partnership agreement with Autonomic which will see the entities collaborate to introduce a transportation mobility cloud (TMC) software that can be used to connect vehicles in China.

Autonomic is a subsidiary of Ford Smart Mobility and it has signed a MoU with the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group in Shanghai. The primary objective of the MoU is for the companies to explore new collaboration opportunities that may exist in the transportation and mobility industry. The ultimate goal is to establish and implement a safer, more efficient and sustainable transportation ecosystem in China.

The TMC cloud-based platform is an innovation that will convey standardized data and infrastructure for developers to help them deliver better experiences, like helping residents plan transit journeys, manage a large-scale fleet for a ride-hailing business, or even routing self-driving cars on busy streets, for instance.

Autonomic and Alibaba Cloud reckon their partnership will be instrumental in shaping China’s transportation ecosystem by empowering multiple parties – including automakers, public transit operators and large-scale fleet operators and software developers – to enhance their vehicle connectivity and mobility experiences for Chinese customers.

“The TMC is positioned to help automakers succeed and meet growing demand for connected vehicles and mobility services in China,” said Gavin Sherry, co-founder, and CEO of Autonomic.

“Through this partnership with Alibaba Cloud, we will accelerate our vision of creating the largest connected vehicle offering globally, while powering smart cities and vehicle connectivity in China.”