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UK operator says 5G can save cities £6bn per-year

Telecommunications operator O2 has claimed that UK cities could potentially save £6bn per-year by upgrading to 5G. The findings are a result of a comprehensive report entitled 'The value of 5G for cities and communities' which was conducted by the UK operator.

The report highlights the impact 5G will have and explained that once implemented, it will 'update the operating system' of cities in the UK, by making them smarter. In addition to this, the report claims that 5G will create tangible benefits for citizens and local councils and will generate around £6 billion in productivity savings for the UK economy.

O2 CEO, Mark Evans said that the introduction of 5G will fundamentally change people's lives for the better. "Of all the ingredients that keep our economy and society moving, arguably top of the list is mobile," he stated. "Our report demonstrates how 5G technology, when it arrives, will provide unprecedented benefits for consumers, councils and cities alike. The enhanced connectivity on offer will make a real difference to people's lives and pockets. However none of these benefits are assured. We need a high level of collaboration to press ahead with the roll-out and to hardwire 5G into the fabric of our cities."

The report predicts that through 5G, local councils will collectively share an annual £2.8 billion of efficiency savings.

The UK operator has also called for greater collaboration between industry, government, local councils, landlords and developers to ensure Britain can reap the benefits of 5G and maintain its digital leadership.

O2 disclosed that it has already commenced its path steps to pave the way for the roll-out of 5G in the UK. Last month, it announced it will partner with AEG to launch a 5G trial at the O2. Its parent company Telefónica also launched its 5G Technological Cities project in January, which will see the Spanish cities of Segovia and Talavera de la Reina converted into 5G living laboratories over the next three years to 2020.