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Mayor outlines his ambition to make London the world’s-leading ‘smart city’

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has expressed his desire to see London become the world's leading 'smart city' during his address at London Technology week. The topic of 'smart cities' continues to dominate technology conferences and ICT exhibition - as government entities and city councils on a global basis examine ways in which they can implement technologies to make their cities 'smarter' for the benefit of its citizens and residents.

At the launch of London Technology Week, Khan claimed that technology was 'absolutely essential' in solving many of the biggest economic, social and environmental challenges that currently face London, with issues being raised over the city's air pollution, excessive housing costs and the future of transport.

London's Mayor used the Tech event to formally announce a new £1.6m Clean Tech Incubator project entitled 'Better Futures' which will help 100 small businesses in London deliver low-carbon and clean-tech products to tackle issues arising from climate change. In addition to this, Khan also reaffirmed his pledge to appoint London's first ever 'Chief Digital Officer, who he said would work closely with him and the 'Smart London Board' to drive the development of 'smart city' technologies.

Khan told those in attendance, "As mayor of this great city - the best city in the world - it fills me with pride to see our tech sector thriving. New technologies are having an enormous impact on our way of life - reshaping our societies, our economies and our culture. My ambition now is to harness the new technologies that are being pioneered right here to transform London into the world's leading smart city. The potential for cutting-edge technology to tackle a host of social, economic and environmental challenges is immeasurable. From air pollution and climate change to housing and transport, new technologies and data science will be at the heart of the long-term solutions to urban challenges."

The Mayor also officially launched Plexal. Which is Europe's newest technology innovation destination which forms Europe's biggest business innovation ecosystem at Here East, the unveiled of Plexal was down to coincide with London Technology week.

Claire Cockerton, CEO of Plexal and London Tech Week ambassador added that Plexal will become a truly unique innovation destination not only for London but the rest of the World. She said, "The success of London's technology sector has been built on a strong culture of collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit."