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Germany sets up eHighway for hybrid trucks

A highway in Germany installed overhead cables to power hybrid cars, in an effort to electrify truck transportation and cut emissions.

The German government announced that the technology will be deployed on a 6-mile stretch of the autobahn. This technology will pave the way for a new and improved carbon neutral strategy to transport goods.

Siemens, the German conglomerate, developed this system back in 2012 which enabled hybrid trucks to travel at speeds of 56 mph while simultaneously charging their batteries.

Similar systems have been built in the US and Sweden.

According to Siemens’ website, the electrification of road freight transport has a great deal of advantages such as reducing operating costs and emissions, is applicable for various use cases and it is environmentally friendly.

A statement regarding the technology on Siemens’ website read, “The Siemens’ eHighway makes it possible to reduce the use of fossil fuels and truck operating costs, at the same time eliminating local emissions such as CO2 and nitrogen oxides.”