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German state to deploy sustainable battery-powered trains

A regional transport authority in Germany, Landesanstalt Schienenfahrzeuge Baden-Württemberg (SFBW), has coordinated with Siemens Mobility and purchased 20 battery-powered trains to deploy in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

The new trains will be able to function on rail routes with or without power lines due to their being battery-powered. The Mireo Plus B two-car electric trainsets, worth €77 million, will operate in Network 8 of the Ortenau regional system.

Also, as per the contract, Siemens Mobility will provide maintenance to the electric trains and will be responsible for energy consumption and costs over the contract period of 29.5 years.

“In the interest of sustainability, we’ve deliberately opted for a ‘lifecycle model’,” said the minister of transport in Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Hermann.

He added, “We’re breaking new ground in converting to clime-friendly propulsion systems in local transport by introducing this new technology and want to commit the company to this technology through contractual arrangements.”

The batteries of these vehicles will be charged via the overhead lines whilst they operate along electrified sections and allow the train to recover its energy to be able to brake efficiently. The trains’ batteries also have a range of around 80km.

The expected delivery of these train is in December 2023.

The KfW IPEX Bank has provided the €77 million to finance the new project.

Managing director of KfW IPEX Bank, Andreas Ufer, stated, “The financing not only contributes to an immediate reduction in CO2 emissions, but also promotes innovative and climate-friendly technologies in rail transport.”

He continued, “By financing these trains, KfW IPEX Bank is underscoring its commitment to using such technologies in Germany and Europe.”