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German car manufacturer to explore if robots can help with autonomous cars

A German car manufacturer is set to expand their collaboration agreement with a robot maker in a bid to examine and explore ways in which robots can help drivers of electric and autonomous vehicles.

Volkswagen and robot maker Kuka released a joint-statement in which thy announced their intentions to extend and expand its partnership to see if robots can play a bigger role in the deployment of electric driverless vehicles.

Volkswagen is Europe’s biggest car manufacturer and last year declared that it will embrace electric cars and new mobility services with a multi-billion-euro investment towards that technology. The organization was embroiled in a diesel emissions scandal, which hurt its stock price and impacted on its stakeholders. However, its strategic shift towards autonomy, electrification and self-driving technology is seen as Volkswagen attempt to overcome that controversy.

It has further disclosed in the statement that Volkswagen and Kuka, which was acquired by Chinese home appliance manufacturer Midea - are currently working on a system to hook up electric cars to charge points with the help of robots. A spokesman for the two entities said, "The driver simply has to position the electrically powered automobile in a designated parking space. The robot takes care of connecting up the charging cable for the driver."

In addition to this, it’s also been claimed that Volkswagen and Kuka are also devising other plans to develop other concepts.