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European aviation firm unveils ‘electric flying car’ concept

Slovakian aviation firm AeroMobil has unveiled its futuristic electric flying car concept which is set to go into production in 2020. At a press briefing, the company introduced its AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL which has been specifically designed for intra-city travel in an effort to alleviate the chronic traffic issues posed by urban congestion.

The electric flying car will have an autonomous flight mode and is envisioned to have a four-seat interior. From a design standpoint the 5.0 VTOL looking long and sleek will be equipped with two electrically driven rotors which are mounted on wings that swing into place. The concept also features a rear-mounted pusher propeller for forward thrust.

A representative for the Slovakian aviation colossus said that wings will provide ‘maximum efficiency in flight’ while the two rear tails offer enhanced flight control and stability. The concept is also slated to have an adaptive suspension to provide smooth landings and take-offs.

The futuristic design is continued in the interior as the flying car has what some have described as a relatively stark cockpit with a rectangular steering wheel, wood trim and an assortment of high-tech displays. In addition to this, AeroMobil disclosed that each person will have access to a personalized in-flight experience as they can use one of the model’s various screens to stay connected with the outside world.

Despite being a concept, AeroMobil intends to put the 5.0 VTOL into production after the 4.0 STOL is launched in 2020. The company is predicting that this will happen in the next seven to ten years. That’s quite a ways off but AeroMobil has said it’s a realistic timeline as it acknowledges the reality of building and scaling the infrastructure for the model  - as well as getting regulatory approval.