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Dubai residents go ‘Car Free’ for awareness campaign on carbon emissions

Thousands of Dubai residents ditched their cars for an awareness campaign highlighting the harmful impact carbon emissions have on our environment.

The campaign, simply entitled 'Car Free Day' is now in its eight year - and Director General of Dubai Municipality, Hussain Nasser Lootah, led a team of directors and senior officials from government departments in riding the Metro from Etisalat Station to the Union Station.

It was estimated that tens of thousands of cars remained off the road - as around 2,500 entities - which included at least 200 major government departments and private firms, came together to participate in the awareness campaign which was formed in order to expose the harmful impact carbon emissions from our vehicles have on our environment.

Mr. Lootah stressed that it was an important campaign - and said it's imperative to highlight the importance of reducing the use of cars on Dubai's street, adding that commuters must be encouraged to use public transport systems in order to protect the environment.

He said, "Dubai Municipality launched the initiative to explain to the people how important it is to reduce the use of cars on the street and use the public transport. We have a high quality public transportation [system] and we feel we have a lot of possibilities, with the cooperation of all, in reducing the carbon emission and the effect on the environment.

It was further disclosed by the Director General of Dubai Municipality that the event will join the 'Year of Giving' initiative and set aside money corresponding to the number of participants for donating it to charities and for planting trees. He declared that the campaign has been a success and that it has served to change the attitude of people in reducing the pollution caused by motor vehicles.

Several people took the Metro, while some took buses and others opted for car-pooling and cycling to participate in the biggest environmental awareness drive of Dubai Municipality.