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Smart Dubai to send officials to Disney Institute in effort to enhance customer experience

Smart Dubai is organizing a trip for Happiness Champions from various government entities in Dubai to attend a training course on the 'Quality of Service' at the Disney Institute in Orlando, USA.

This is part of Smart Dubai's efforts to achieve the goals of the Happiness Agenda and to further promote training and education, as well as nurture the skills of Emirati human resources professionals to provide the best level of services to the public.

The training course will run from September 9 to 15, and will host 31 participants from Dubai, who stand to gain international exposure on service quality. They will also be provided an in-depth view of Disney's best practices in customer experience. They will be trained on how to enhance the customer service experience at all government agencies in Dubai through the application of the best practices, in turn achieving the Smart Dubai Happiness Agenda.

Her Excellency Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director General of the Smart Dubai Office (SDO), said: "We are committed to implementing programs that will contribute effectively to achieving the goals of the Happiness Agenda. The initiative will further promote people's happiness and influence them positively through the adoption of a scientific methodology based on several pillars, such as increased awareness and closer identification of the people's needs."

She added: "By meeting the aspirations of the people at all government agencies in Dubai, we can ensure their happiness. The training will prepare participants to create the right environment for efficient customer service delivery in a proactive manner. Through such training courses launched by Smart Dubai in cooperation with international institutions, we can enhance the happiness in our society through improved service standards."

In this context, Smart Dubai held an introductory meeting with the Happiness Champions who are participating in the training program to review the journey to Disney, and to discuss the details of the training course by their supervisors in Smart Dubai.

The training course will adapt the time-tested Disney business insight, and enable participants to determine how they can differentiate their service to become a provider of choice. It will discuss how to design quality service standards to create a consistent service experience, and use to gauge the needs, wants, stereotypes and emotions of customers at an individual level.

The program will help them understand the processes necessary to develop a culture that consistently delivers exceptional service.

It will also guide them on how to recover effectively from a service failure and turn it into an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships.

The Disney Institute offers specialized programs in the areas of improving the quality and effectiveness of services through interactive and engaging stories and discussions, field experience, videos and video case studies, group, paired & individual activities, guest speakers and action steps for their organization.