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US start-up develops ‘mind-reading’ AI application to tackle cybercrime

A US-based security start-up has announced that it has developed a 'mind-reading' AI application in a bid to combat the increasing threat posed by cybersecurity breaches. The number of ransomware attacks has occurred frequently in 2017 - with a number of high-profile enterprises and institutions falling foul of the dark arts performed by hackers.

A failure by companies to properly implement effective security structures is costing them millions in revenue, and personal attacks threaten private data. Everybody is at risk and a solution to address the recurring problem needs to be found.

One firm which believes it has found the solution to eliminate the threat of hackers is EMPOW, a security start-up based in Concord, Massachusetts. It has recently announced that it has patented a product which it claims utilizes 'mind-reading' AI (Artificial Intelligence) - which can actually determine and identify cyberattacks from when the hackers get to work - this ultimately enables EMPOW to be proactive rather than reactive, and can shut the hackers down immediately before they can inflict any damage.

CEO and Founder of EMPOW Avi Chesla, issued a statement to the press about its new patented innovation, and declared that the product has tools which can actually begin to understand and learn the intentions of the hacker from the outset.

The statement read: "The innovative technology behind the patent enables a human security expert to understand actually the intentions of any attacker. This "mind reading" is accomplished initially by data gathering - we read the data generated by a variety of tools inside the organization - which is then enriched by internet data sources which yield more signals and cues. These are harvested from good guys and bad. On top of that we apply of NLP algorithms to draw definitive conclusions about what the attacker is after. No one signal lets us read the attackers' mind, but we connected the dots to generate intention."

Industry experts that have conducted an analysis on the patent have claimed that the AI uses all the data it can gather in order to determine what an attack may look like, specific to the system it is protecting. It will also constantly record and monitor everything happening on the entire network. In addition to this, it has been disclosed that when it doesn't have enough data from internal sources, it begins to search outside of the network for information that fills the gaps.

The unique beauty of the 'mind-reading' AI is that it is able to process and understand what suspicious behavior looks like from the moment it starts. This allows it to react within the first couple of seconds of an attack with a solution tailored to best defend your network data. While it is getting easier to hack networks or compromise accounts - it is getting harder to secure those same systems. It's evident that there's an arms race ensuing between criminals and computers systems - and improvements required in leaps that go beyond virus definition updates and malware protection. That's why EMPOW's new mind-reading AI product could be the solution to the global cybersecurity crisis.