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LA travelers introduced to TAPforce

Commuters in LA will now have increased flexibility in how they choose to pay for travel, thanks to the new TAPforce smart card system.


LA Metro, who operates the current TAP Smart system, has added a cloud-based layer to the existing TAP card system, to “help create choices that make alternative modes of transportation more seamless and connected, with payment from one account”.


Formulated by Invoke Technologies and created on the Salesforce platform by Publicis Sapient, the hybrid system works by layering existing infrastructure with Salesforce, enabling one centralised place for programme sign-up and TAP payment across different modes of transport.


The Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud replaces its former customer relationship management (CRM) system, and will enable customers to add funds to their TAP accounts or TAP cards, order new cards, view their ride history and report issues easily. It will also allow new payment solutions such as PayPal, and includes a Pay Near Me feature so customers can top up their TAP accounts with cash at nearby retailers.


As an added incentive, TAPforce customers will also receive promo codes and discounts through the programmes to encourage the use of public transport.


“With discounts that may be shared across programmes, we hope to incentivise people out of their cars, off the freeways and into different ways of travelling, including public transit," said Robin O’Hara, executive officer at LA Metro, "For example, on a bad air day, a discount could be quickly configured to encourage transit use.”


The current TAP smart card system operates in 99 rail stations and on 3,800 buses in Los Angeles County and is operated by LA Metro on behalf of 27 agencies.


 In 2019, LA Metro will launch the new TAP mobile app, TAP rewards and more payment options such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.