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Driverless technology expert to provide mobility solutions in US cities

A leading US-based mobility firm has partnered with Easy-Mile, a global expert in driverless technology in order to provide autonomous solutions to public agencies across the United States. Demand-Trans Solutions delivers mobility-on-demand technology and formally announced the partnership agreement with Easy-Mile.

In addition to this, the mobility solutions provider also disclosed that it has introduced a customer-facing application that will enable point-to-point autonomous transportation. The partnership is non-exclusive and will enable transportation providers to offer on-demand service to driverless shuttles that are integrated within multi-modal transportation systems.

Easy-Mile has enjoyed phenomenal success on a global basis since its inception in 2014. The driverless technology entity provides self-driving software and technologies in the transportation of passengers and goods in urban, suburban, private areas and rural environments.

Its EZ10 autonomous shuttle has already been deployed across 20 countries in APAC, North America, Europe and the Middle East. The collaboration complements both organizations as Demand-Trans works on a global basis to deliver intelligent transit technology to help make mobility-on-demand a reality in major cities across the world.

Demand-Trans chairman, John E Michel expressed his delight at the partnership and declared it would enhance his company's ability to respond to mobility solutions in a much faster, cost-effective and efficient way.

He said, "MobilityDR and Switch, our mobility-as-a-service technologies, function as automated mobility operators, seamlessly integrating legs of a trip to maximize the user experience. With the integration of EasyMile's proven autonomous vehicle solution, our fused suite of demand responsive capabilities provides an end-to-end mobility solution right to a user's smartphone."

Director of Business Initiatives for Easy-Mile in North America, Lauren Isaac said the partnership represented an exciting opportunity for the driverless sector and that the combination of shared expertise will help accelerate the increased development and deployment of driverless transportation models.

"We are excited about this Easy-Mile/Demand-Trans partnership because we believe it's combining best-in-class technologies to truly personalize the customer experience. Customers expect to use their smartphones to get from point to point and now they can do so with an autonomous shuttle. And with Demand-Trans' decades of experience providing innovative demand responsive services to many of North America's largest cities such as Oakland, Chicago, Denver, and soon, Los Angeles and Nashville, we are confident they can help us continue to demonstrate the tremendous flexibility and affordability our autonomous shuttles provide in making public transit more effective and efficient for agencies and riders alike."