• Autonomous cars represent ethical dilemma for society

    Researchers at an American University have embarked on a unique project aimed at establishing what exactly it will take for society to accept autonomous vehicles. Driverless cars are becoming a reality, but how can the innovative vehicles deal with life-or-death dilemmas. Can engineers create a model that is able to adapt accordingly when faced with critical decisions?

  • Canada set to introduce driverless trucks despite threat to jobs

    Canada is set to introduce driverless trucks to its transportation fleet despite the imminent threat it poses to many jobs in the country. 2017 was a year in which the self-driving electric truck industry made huge advancement in autonomous technologies and has paved the way for the driverless trucks to be deployed on Canadian roads by 2019.

  • European country set to introduce ‘free zones’ for testing of driverless cars and drones

    Portugal is set to introduce 'free zones' in an attempt to accelerate the development and deployment of self-driving cars and drones in the country. The 'free zones' will also have special regulations which will subsequently allow firms developing driverless technology to test the vehicles in a much more stringent way.

  • Honda announces strategic plan to develop autonomous cars for cities by 2025

    Japanese car manufacturing colossus Honda has centered its long-term strategy on the development of autonomous vehicles and electric cars - with the carmaker announcing its intentions to deploy autonomous cars in major cities by 2025. Honda Motor Co made a series of disclosures during a press briefing in which it outlined in detail its mid-term 'Vision 2030' strategy.

  • Huawei signs MoU with German city for smart city development

    Chinese telecommunications colossus Huawei has announced that it has signed a MoU with German city Duisburg in a collaborative effort to develop and subsequently implement a smart city strategy within the city.

  • LA named worst city in the world for traffic congestion despite smart mobility efforts

    Los Angeles is famous for its stunning beaches, sunny climate and entertainment industry. However, it has now firmly established itself as the worst city in the world when it comes to urban congestion - as it received the unwanted title of the ‘most gridlocked city' in the world for the sixth year-in-a-row.

  • Nokia calls for better network connectivity in bid to accelerate ‘connected cars’ program

    Finnish telecommunications powerhouse Nokia has expressed his frustrations with its connected car project in Europe. The head of Nokia's V2X program, Uwe Puetzschler, has warned that Europe 'is not as happy as it should be' and derided the poor quality of networks available to them in their bid to advance the connected car sector.

  • US tech giant invests in electric vehicle startup

    US e-commerce behemoth Amazon has become the latest technology leader to join the self-driving race following its decision to invest $700m in an electric vehicle startup company.