• Australian business delegation expresses interest in India’s ‘smart cities’ program

    An Australian business delegation has announced its interest in investing and exploring potential opportunities that may arise from India's nationwide 'smart cities' program. The business consortium is made up of 35 members - and they flew in India this week to meet with those tasked with the responsibility of leading the smart cities initiative.

  • Dubai in discussions with French companies over installation of ‘smart light poles’

    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) have announced that it has entered into negotiations with a number of French-based companies in relation to the possibility of installing 'smart light poles and solar roads. Dubai is one of the most progressive and technologically driven cities in the entire world, and has its own dedicated government led initiative entitled Smart Dubai.

  • Formula 1 set to introduce ‘driverless’ safety car

    The development and production of autonomous cars continues to dominate the automotive sector as car manufacturers and technology firms combine resources in a bid to accelerate the deployment of self-driving technology. Now, the development of 'driverless' cars has entered the unlikely sphere of motorsport following the announcement by the FIA.

  • UAE Space Agency to enter collaboration with Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

    The UAE Space Agency has discussed means of joint cooperation with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment during a meeting between high-level Space Agency delegates and the Minister of Climate Change and Environment. Discussions included the possibility of providing data on local and international environmental issues, as well as exchanging knowledge and expertise in relevant fields, in order to help combat the effects of climate change.