• US operator announces plans to launch 5G for mobile customers in 2018

    US telecommunications colossus AT&T has seemingly trumped its major rivals Verizon and T-Mobile US by officially announcing that it will offer 5G services for its mobile customers in a dozen or so markets later this year.

  • US Postal Service to begin self-driving tests

    The US Postal Service has confirmed that it will begin to embark upon a series of self-driving tests as part of the company’s overall strategy to embrace automation.

  • US state commences testing on driverless shuttle buses

    The Department of Transportation in the US state of Minnesota has announced that it has officially commenced trials of its new driverless bus shuttles. The US state becomes the latest in a whole host of North American cities to trial new autonomous technology which if tested successfully will be subsequently integrated into its public transportation sector.

  • US to continue to assist India in development of ‘Smart Cities’ under Trump

    US officials have confirmed that they will continue to assist India in the development of ‘smart cities’ in the region under the administration of president elect Donald Trump. During the reign of Barack Obama, India and the US signed a series of memorandums of understanding which was aimed at specifically developing three ‘smart cities’ in Allahabad, Ajmer and Visakhapatnam.

  • Vodafone creates ‘ambulance taxi’ service to reduce maternal mortality rates in African nation

    The Vodafone Foundation has created an 'ambulance taxi' service specifically designed to combat and reduce maternal mortality rates in Africa. The service which has been described as a 'first of its kind' has been deployed in two Tanzanian districts. The project in Tanzania has been a phenomenal success and has saved the lives of high-risk pregnant women by reducing the maternal mortality rates by 27% on the first year of its inception.