Social Media

  • Britons to get more control over their personal online data

    Citizens of the United Kingdom will be able to force social media platforms to delete information about them, including content published during their childhood, due to government proposals that will bring data laws into line with new European regulations, Reuters reported.

  • China’s largest social media company set to enter ‘smart TV’ sector

    China's largest social media and gaming organization, will enter the domain of the 'smart TV' sector following the announcement that it has reached an agreement with TCL Corp. Tencent Holdings has agreed to allow its video content to be streamed on TCL's 'smart TVs' - which will expand its content dominance from mobile phones to living rooms.

  • Digital analysts express surprise at huge success of ‘Snapchat’ in Middle East

    Digital analysts have expressed their surprise at the explosion in popularity of video and messaging app Snapchat in the Middle East region. A global study by a leading research consultancy firm established that the proportion of internet users in the UAE who use Snapchat increased from 15% in 2014 to 53% this year.

  • Facebook announces new updates to enhance Instagram security

    Facebook is announcing two updates to further strengthen Instagram’s security and help protect people who use the platform.

  • Facebook CEO calls for a universal basic income

    Founder and chief executive of social media giant Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has suggested there should be a universal basic income for all people. This would allow people in society to take more risks, he said, allowing people more freedom to execute new ideas and business ventures, with the confidence that they won't go without basic things needed to live.

  • Facebook challenge gag order from US court, saying it poses a threat to free speech

    Social networking colossus Facebook is challenging a gag order from a US court that is currently preventing the organization from talking about three government search warrants. However, Facebook are claiming that the preventative measures implemented by the US court pose a threat to freedom of speech.

  • Facebook to block ads from pages that repeatedly share false news

    Facebook announced that it's taking an additional step to reduce false news and hoaxes on its platform, by disallowing companies to advertize if they repeatedly share stories marked as false. This ads to Facebook's current policy of disallowing advertisers to run ads that link to stories that have been marked as false by third-party fact-checking organizations.

  • UAE’s Digital Lifestyle Pointers High, Says TDRA

    UAE’s Digital Lifestyle Pointers High, Says TDRA

    The United Arab Emirates has been ranked among the world’s leading countries in various digital life indexes, attributable to the significant advancement of its information and communication technology sector, the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has determined.