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US online media corporation announces exciting expansion plans in South America

A US online media corporation that is specifically designed for moviegoers has announced exciting expansion plans for Latin America. Fandango, which is the leading digital network globally for film enthusiasts has decided to switch its focus towards South America - and has unveiled a new global brand strategy for the continent.

The announcement was made at CinemaCon which is the annual convention held for theater owners. Fandango disclosed some details of its global strategy for Latin America, and revealed that they will launch a number of new ticketing destinations in its subsidiaries which is based in Brazil. In addition to this, it confirmed that similar initiatives will be implemented in seven key countries such as Peru, Columbia, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia.

President of Fandango, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, said the new expansion strategy represented an exciting new chapter for the organization. He said, "We're beginning an exciting new chapter for Fandango in Latin America, as we debut completely new digital destinations for moviegoers across the region, under one unifying brand identity. We've experienced tremendous momentum over the past year growing our exhibition footprint, increasing ticketing and building these exciting new products that will better serve our customers and partners for years to come."

This latest announcement from Fandango keeps with the current trend and ethos of the company which has shown its intent in recent years to expand internationally. Its first move into the international market came with the acquisition of Brazil's No.1 online ticketing firm While in December of last year, the organization acquired another ticketing company which ensured its reach expanded beyond Brazil. announced that it will be launching a new website and a number of mobile applications in April. The company is developing both Android and iOS apps which's a particular focus on serving moviegoers. They hope the new applications will enable customers to enjoy enhanced experiences and will provide them with better browser capabilities to find movies and purchase tickets in a more coherent way.

The organization will also offer customers to avail of a host of different digital payment options such as PayPal, Visa Checkout and Master-pass. The new design, modern logo and colors will reflect Fandango's global brand identity which is being rolled out across Latin America.

Fandango plans to further invest in Latin America in the areas of technology, marketing and content so the company's subsidiaries can continue to serve consumers, exhibitors and studios at the highest level.