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Deutsche Telekom sets up municipal council for smart infrastructure solutions

Deutsche Telekom has been working with representatives from various municipalities and cities to accelerate digitization in Germany.

The German Telco recently established an advisory board to work on issues such as 5G deployment and broadband expansion.

The panel is made up of representatives from various municipalities which will offer their advice on such issues.

At a launch event in Berlin showcasing 5G applications, chairman of the board of management at Deutsche Telekom, Tim Hottges, said, “Germany faces the major task of implementing digitization in business and administration. We at Deutsche Telekom see ourselves as having a special responsibility in this. Broadband expansion is the engine of digitization.”

He added, “But we can only achieve this together with the local authorities. I am very pleased that the members of the advisory board will advise us as we exchange views with the various interest groups. We see ourselves as partners of cities and municipalities.”

Dirk Wossner, a member of the board of management, presented future applications of 5G and an FTTH expansion plan. He also drafted an 8 point program for 5G expansion which has already been put into action.

Wossner stated, “Together with the local authorities, we want to find ways to expand broadband quickly and unbureaucratically.”

The municipal advisory council, which has been appointed for three years as a start, aims to work as the future platform for negotiations and dialogues between Deutsche Telekom and municipalities.

External experts may also be called in to attend specific meetings.