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Middle East airport to generate LED lighting

Abu Dhabi International airport is set to launch a ‘first of its kind’ interactive walkway, which will convert the footsteps of passengers into electricity.

Those who walk between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 will be contributing power to local LED lighting and in turn provide a data feed.

As one of the busiest gateways into the UAE, the high-traffic area will harvest the footfall of two million passengers per month across 16-square metres. The articulated flooring surface is constructed from a series of interlocking triangles, and as people walk across the patented system, electromagnetic generators produce off-grid energy.

It is the invention of Middle Eastern energy company Masdar, and UK clean technology firm Pavegen, who collaborated in their mission to “power the data-drive smart cities of tomorrow.”

“Abu Dhabi Airports aims to further its commitment to sustainable practices, educating travelers and residents alike about different sources of off-grid energy and data,” Says Ahmed Al Shamisi, acting chief operations officer at Abu Dhabi Airports.

 “Our environmental performance and green initiatives demonstrates Abu Dhabi Airports commitment to delivering innovative solutions for the international aviation community.”

 The system incorporates screens to highlight how much energy is being harvested with a special game interface for children that show airplanes rising and descending according to how much energy is being generated.

“This partnership is another example of Masdar’s commitment to powering a sustainable future,” added Yousef Ahmed Baselaib, executive director of sustainable real estate, Masdar. 

“The hope is that through this installation, both UAE tourists and residents can see and feel first-hand, the role they have to play in our larger sustainability journey.”