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Flying taxis set to become a reality in Dubai

The city of Dubai has signed an agreement which would map out sky lanes for drones and flying taxis.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Air Navigation Services (DANS) inked the agreement which would essentially define and map out the geographical perimeters of Dubai.

The move which is part of Dubai’s Self-Driving Transport Strategy drive, will enable sky lanes and air corridors via which autonomous aerial vehicles can fly.

Dubai has long been a pioneer of emerging technologies and deploying smart city solutions. The Emirate has also been an avid supporter of deploying flying taxis and were actually the first to pilot trials back in 2017.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of Public Transport Agency and head of Autonomous Air Vehicle Project Team at the RTA stated that the agreement is also in line with their “aim to enhance the integration of mass transit means and add happiness to people through the deployment of smooth, fast and innovate transmit means.”

Back in 2017, they trailed a two-seater aircraft for 30 minutes and managed to reach up to 100km/h. During the first trial, the drone, which was built by Volocopter, managed to reach around 200m.