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Dubai launches first electric firefighting vehicle in Middle East

The first electric firefighting vehicle in the Middle East was launched in Dubai during the Custom Show Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The vehicle which is only the second in the world was inaugurated by Major General Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, the director general of the Dubai Civil Defence (DCD).

During the event, Mr. Matrooshi said that the electric firefighting vehicle was 20 percent faster than regular firefighting vehicles, noting that it is equipped with an LED lighting system.

The vehicle is equipped with LED lights and has a smart operating system comprising 17 inches screen (CAN- BUST), which allows the authorities to control it remotely. It is connected to the Dubai Civil Defence's operation room with TELEMATIC, the technology of sending, receiving and storing information using telecommunication devices to control remote objects.

The vehicle comes with 4,000 litres water tank capacity is and its foam tank capacity is 400 litres. It is equipped with four high-resolution cameras, and can utilise a fast charger located at the firefighting and rescue centre, which charges the vehicle by 80 percent within 40 minutes, enabling it to operate from 6 to 8 hours at speeds of up to 100kms/h speed. The water pump in the electric truck is designed with high-power standards Rosenbauer (NH35), and the contraption uses smart applications.

The vehicle can carry six firefighting personnel and can handle all types of fires. It is environmentally friendly and does not produce harmful emissions whilst being easy to operate and less noisy.