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China leads the way in AI with newly opened smart park

Beijing has crowned itself as leader in Artificial Intelligence development with its newly opened AI park co-built by local government in the Haidian district and tech giant Baidu. This step aims to transform the Chinese capital into a global hub for tech innovation and Artificial intelligence and make Beijing, and the Haidian region in particular, a smart city.

Located in the district which is home to many of China's biggest tech companies and that is considered "China's Silicon Valley, Haidian Park was chosen for the pilot program in Beijing. A total of 10 government departments and companies participated in the renovation of the park over the past 10 months, said Che Jianguo from the district's park administration office.

The smart park, powered by AI technologies, includes attractions such as AR Tai Chi lessons, smart walkways tracking steps using facial recognition software, fully automated shuttle buses, smart lamp posts that record exercise data and intelligent pavilions utilizing Baidu's DuerOS AI assistant.

"Everyone can AI," Pei Haodong, a spokesperson for Baidu said, adding that Baidu wants the park to lead other urban parks into the future and bring AI closer to everyday life.

In 2017, China announced that it aspires to become the global AI leader by 2030 which will strengthen its position as the dominant global economic power.