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Swiss solutions firm land contract for ‘smart metering’ project in India

A Swiss multinational technology and smart grid solutions company has landed a lucrative contract for a 'smart metering' infrastructure project in India. Landis+Gyr, is recognized as being a visionary in smart grid solutions and is a global industry leader in metering solutions for electricity, gas water and energy.

The firm has now been tasked with the responsibility of implementing its smart metering solutions in New Delhi after being awarded with a contract from Tata Power Delhi Distribution. (Tata Power-DDL)

The project is the second-phase of an advanced metering program which began earlier this year - and is India's first ever advanced metering infrastructure with Radio Frequency which compromises of 500,000 endpoints, which Tata-Power-DDL awarded to the Swiss solutions company.

Tata Power-DDL is a joint-venture between Tata Power and Government of Delhi which distributes electricity to the north of the city which serves a population of around 7 million. The organization has been a pioneer in implementing and deploying power distribution reforms and has shown dedication towards using technological advancements and innovations to better serve its customer base.

It has also been disclosed that Landis+Gyr supported Tata Power-DDL on an initial pilot phase in order to gain the regulatory approvals required to initiate a full roll-out, so both entities have enjoyed a good working relationship in the past and have collaborated on different projects.

CEO and Managing Director of Tata Power-DDL, Praveer Sinha has said its partnership with the Swiss company - who are global industry leaders in smart metering solutions, will propel India towards smart grid technology adoption on a nationwide scale.

He said, "Our work with Landis+Gyr on India's first, large-scale, smart meter and RF canopy deployment, which covers the full 510 square km of Tata Power-DDL's area of operation, marks a significant step in our efforts to bring smart grid technology to India. This deployment will not only empower our consumers by utilizing a two-way communication system, but it will also help us to build an important foundation for a truly smart grid, featuring world class power distribution infrastructure."

Landis+Gyr's Vice President of the APAC region Ellie Doyle, said that adopting and implementing these advanced technologies in smart grid solutions can provide so many benefits to residents within major cities across India and the world.

She said, "Smart metering and advanced metering infrastructure can bring so many benefits to the end customer, allowing them the opportunity to better manage and control their energy use. From energy grid technology, to renewable energy initiatives, and on to an online billing and payment system for energy consumers, Tata Power-DDL has been at the forefront in implementing the latest in energy innovation in India."

Doyle concluded by saying that the company was relishing the opportunity to support this first tranche of smart meters in New Delhi, citing that it will provide the smart energy data that is necessary to further strengthen the relationship that Tata Power-DDL enjoys with its existing customer base.