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Nokia and FAW Group collaborate for digital transformation of Chinese automotive sector

Nokia and FAW Group signed an MoU to pursue a research project on smart connected cars, industrial IoT, digital transformation and smart manufacturing.

FAW is a Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company which has a campus in Chanchun where Nokia plans to deploy its 5G trial network in order to support R&D in autonomous vehicles.

In addition to commercial 5G, Nokia aims to provide security solutions along with big data and cloud. %G slicing technology will also be introduced in order to hasten FAW’s digital transformation.

According to a company statement, Nokia will also provide end-to-end system integration which will help FAW implement smart manufacturing through the use of disruptive technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality machine vision and AI-powered quality inspection.

FAW is one of China’s most important automakers. Its new collaboration with Nokia will ensure the company will maintain its dominance in the market through their use of digital technologies to power autonomous vehicles and smart manufacturing.

General Manager of FAW Group, XI Guohua, stated: “We are pleased to be signing this MoU with Nokia to help us with our research and development efforts around connected and autonomous cars. Nokia is the leading 5G vendor with a truly end-to-end approach to the use of 5G manufacturing. We have much to learn from each other as we explore digital transformation of our operations and our products.”

“The partnership with FAW Group is a great opportunity to use the Nokia 5G solution in the automotive sector, helping FAW to implement smart manufacturing, as well as R&D on connected cars and autonomous driving. We share their vision of how transportation is evolving and are excited to support their digital transformation,” said Kathrin Buvac, Nokia’s President of Enterprise and Chief Strategy Officer.