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UAE bank uses Moscow fintechs’ Digital ID solutions for mobile app

The solution for user verification, developed in collaboration with Moscow fintechs VisionLabs and Smart Engines, is integrated into the mobile application of Emirates NBD, one of the largest banks in the UAE. 

Based on contactless NFC technology, new customers can register and open accounts remotely using the bank’s mobile application. Remote user verification is implemented on the basis of a complex technical solution - Digital ID. Real-time face recognition and ID document scanning allow you to speed up the registration process.

To open an account, you need to scan your passport or ID card in the bank's mobile application. Then the system will automatically fill in all the required data in the application. At the same time, to confirm the identity, it is necessary to take a selfie: the face in the frame is recognised and compared with the photograph on the document.

As per the developer, the security of processing personal and biometric data is guaranteed through the use of artificial intelligence technologies. Everything is performed on the user's phone without transferring images to the Internet.

According to Anton Nazarkin, Director for International Development of VisionLabs, the product may be in demand not only from banks, but also from government agencies, insurance companies and healthcare organisations.